Radiocarbon and diet: aquatic food resources and reservoir effects
International scientific meeting: 24-26 September 2014 (Kiel - Germany)
Meeting topics

Topics to be considered during the meeting on “Radiocarbon and Diet” include:

• Case studies (modern and archaeological) showing radiocarbon age offsets associated with reservoir effect.
• Reservoir effects in non-human materials (e.g. ceramic food crusts, animal remains, terrestrial shells, sediments, etc.).
• Review of existing chronologies and events potentially affected by reservoir effects.
• Building chronological models in the presence of radiocarbon reservoir effects.
• Optimal sampling strategies for radiocarbon dating in the presence of potential reservoir effects.
• Archaeological and historical evidence for aquatic diets in different periods and geographical locations.
• Paleodiet reconstruction methods and their usefulness in identifying and quantifying an aquatic diet, including stable isotope methods and other dietary proxies.
• Radiocarbon dating of multiple human tissues/components for the identification of human dietary reservoir effects.
• Tracing 14C within food webs.
• Understanding 14C fluxes in the hydrologic cycle.
• Temporal and spatial variability of aquatic radiocarbon reservoir effects in both marine and inland contexts.
• (Un)expected radiocarbon reservoir effects. Non diet-related reservoir effects (e.g. in plants) will also be considered.